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I’m Igor, a private investor and owner of various companies.

I’m a successful serial investor and business turnaround expert with particular skills in increasing company valuations, mergers and acquisitions and stock market listings.

I buy and invest in and run companies in a range of sectors such as IT, Marketing, Real Estate, Recruitment and more. I also invest in carefully selected Start-Ups and companies with financial difficulties.

What I do


If you need an investment I am on your side from the start. I enter with a fresh pair of eyes and can spot problems that are not visible to you as you are too close to the subject. I employ a vast selection of business strategies, many of which are relatively unknown. I want to see your business grow and improve and my investment will help your business thrive.

ARE YOU LOOKING to sell? I'll buy!

I’m also on board if your looking to sell your business. I buy companies  in the sectors such as IT, Marketing, Real Estate, Recruitment and Construction. If you have a company in such a sector and you want to sell it let’s schedule the phone/facetime call and have a chat about it.

Take your company to an IPO

It’s about scale, bigger contracts, easier delivery and global expansion. You can have best ideas in the world and there are millions of entrepreneurs who have fantastic ideas but how do you find the right people and capital to help you deliver it? An IPO can change everything for a business.

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